E-Rae's General Policies

Email: Email is our primary mode of communication with our families. Newsletters, general information, class reminders, and account statements are sent by email. Please make sure we have an updated and accurate email address that is monitored at all times.

Registration Fees, Tuition, and Ticket Purchases are Non-Refundable: Our dance season runs mid-September through mid-June. The total seasonal tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly installments. Tuition is due on the 1st of every month and late fees in the amount of $15 will apply after the 15th of the month. If an account becomes 45 days delinquent, the student(s) will be automatically dropped from classes with all past fees due. Tuition has been adjusted for holiday closings. There are no tuition adjustments for absences. We are encouraging families to make their tuition payment through their Akada parent portal (please inquire if you need assistance. If you need to come into the studio to pay tuition (we will continue to accept cash, checks, and credit cards) or address any other business matters, please maintain the 6′ social distancing requirement. If there are more than three parents waiting, please wait outside. All families must sign a liability waiver and fill out a new registration form before their first scheduled class.

Dress code: All classes (with the exception of Hip Hop) have a dress code. This is posted here on our website as well as available at the front desk and in our main entryway. Please ensure the dancers adhere to these requirements.

Attendance: Please be aware that attendance is important, not only for your dancer but also for the rest of the class. Please make sure to call or email the studio if your dancer will be absent. If anyone in the family has been feeling unwell, or if you have been in contact with anyone that is sick, do not have the dancer come to class.

Weather Cancellations: E-Rae’s generally follows the local school systems for weather cancellations. Please check our Facebook page and/or call the studio for a voice message confirmation.

Calendar: E-Rae’s will run on the same vacation and holiday schedules as the local schools. The current calendar is posted at the studio and here on our website. Classes are NOT held during public school vacation weeks. These weeks are worked into the entire school year schedule and tuition payment plans – no make-ups are necessary.

Picking Up Your Dancer: Dancers may not be dropped off more than five minutes before their first scheduled class and must be picked up as soon as their classes are completed. Dancers will not be able to wait in the studio this year. They will be escorted to a parent/guardian at pickup.

Respect: We want every student to feel safe and respected at E-Rae’s. We are proud to have wonderful teachers and assistants to reinforce the dancers’ positive behavior. If we feel that any student is being disrespectful in any way to another student, teacher, or parent, we will consult with the parents of that student and if the situation cannot be resolved, we will remove the student from class with no refund. Communication lines are always open, and we ask that staff are always approached with respect from students and parents. If you have questions about our policies, pleas e contact the director through email – eraedance@aol.com

Safety: We have emergency first aid available at all times. We rely on you to notify us of any allergies, medical, or developmental issues in your child to help us to teach to our best ability and keep your child safe when he/she is here with us. Please provide the front desk staff with any updated and action plans throughout the dance season.

Waiting Room Etiquette: We are happy to provide you with a comfortable place to wait while your child is in class, however, this is an educational facility and a certain degree of order must be maintained. Please keep siblings as quiet as possible. Running, horseplay, yelling, or climbing on waiting room furniture will not be tolerated. We request that all children stay out of the hallway, except to use the bathrooms. Please watch what you say in the lobby area, as it is intended for the comfort of our students’ parents ad families. At no time should anyone utilize this area to commiserate with others about their dissatisfaction with the school, it’s faculty, or other students and their families. Edited: For the 2021-2022 dance season, one adult/dancer will be allowed in the waiting areas – no siblings please. Young children that are in carriers/strollers will be allowed. This is subject to change.

Parent Conduct: Parents and students should never open the classroom door or interrupt a class in session. We have monitors for all studio rooms in the waiting areas. Please address all concerns to the front desk staff or the director through email – eraedance@aol.com

Electronics: Cell phones and computers may not be used by students during class times. All electronic devices, including cell phones and smart watches, must be silenced and not accessed until class is over.

Class size: We attempt to keep all classes to a reasonable size, but reserve the right to cancel or combine classes with three or less registered students.